Changos-Roman Catholics from Moldavia

 The so called Csangos, the Roman-Catholic inhabitants of  the western part of Moldavia, have been the object of numerous disputes between the Romanians and the Hungarians regarding their origin, their culture, their traditions and the ethnical minority they belong to. 

The explanation is rather simple: if the Magyar irredentist circles could acknowledge the Csangos as Magyar ethnics from the number and percentage of the Magyar ethnics in Romania would definitely be larger and it would justify, in the eyes of the people, the territorial claims they have. On the other hand, Hungary is interested in the Csango matter in a geostrategical manner because it is interested in crossing the Carpathians. This way the so called Csango-land would become an outpost of the so long dreamed autonomous Szekler county. These assertions belong to the director of the European Center of Studies Covasna-Harghita, Ioan Lacatusu.

This fact is demonstrated by the heavy names which are involved in solving the so called Csango problem and in persuading the officials of the European Union that Romania cannot integrate unless the minimum wrights and liberties of the minority ( let us not forget the Transylvanian Memorandum presented at Bruxelles by Laszlo Tokes himself, or the letter conceived by other such grey eminences and signed by many decent manipulated Magyars to the integration commissioner Ollie Rehn in which the desperate situation of the Romanian Magyars; or the movie Made in Romania presented to the European Parliament which refered exclusively to the Csango situation). Unfortunately, with all this fuss about the subject, the European Union decided that Romania could join regardless of these conditions…

Considering the fuss made about this, who would believe that in Romania there are approximately 1266 Csangos, 307 of them having Magyar as their native tongue, 910 Romanians, 37 Csangos, 3 Gypsys and 9 with undeclared native tongue. If you listen to the Magyar extremists, there are about 60,000 – 250,000 Magyar speaking Csangos. Is that the reality?